May 1, 2016

Episode 5 - SOMA-ch to Talk About, So Little Time

For the book club... er, game club? Bame club? Goo-

Let me stop you right there.
The Let's-Discuss-A-Vidyagame segment visits the depths of the ocean with adventure horror game SOMA. Were Denton and Stef satisfied with the bounty of Davy Jones' locker or would they rather throw it overboard like an elderly Titanic survivor would a priceless jewel?



OP - Stand By Me cover by Florence + the Machine (originally Ben E. King) from Final Fantasy XV
ED - Dearly Beloved by Yoko Shimomura from Kingdom Hearts Unchained X


Mar 24, 2016

Episode 4 - Here and There Along the Zero

Finally it's time to talk about Kentucky Route Zero! But not really. Ultimately, it proves quite difficult to talk about a game that's unfinished, but hopefully Stef and Denton give you some idea of what's so special about this very unique game. Take a ride on the Zero, dear listeners. 5 Dogwood Drive is waiting.



OP - Long Journey Home by the Bedquilt Ramblers (from Kentucky Route Zero)
Intermission - Lullaby for Mergo by Ryan Amon, Tsukasa Saitoh, Michael Wandmacher, Yuka Kitamura, Cris Velasco, Nobuyoshi Suzuki (from Bloodborne)
ED - Broforce Theme Song by Strident (from Broforce)

Mar 3, 2016

Episode 3 - Love Punching, Soft Chopping

For this episode's assignment, Stef and Denton played through Cibele. CY-bell. Si-BULL. While they might not be able to pronounce the title, they had plenty to say about this game of teenage love in the digital age. Yes, it is time to get romantic. Hi-cha-cha-cha-CHA!

Laura Hudson and Leigh Alexander Leave Offworld (last chance for the Offworld Collection Kickstarter!)
OP: Parappa Appearance 2 by Masaya Matsuura (from Parappa the Rapper 2)
Intermission: Now Loading by Masaya Matsuura (from Parappa the Rapper 2)
ED: Romantic Love by Masaya Matsuura (from Parappa the Rapper 2)

Feb 8, 2016

Episode 2 - Don’t Die Right Before Dawn

In this episode, Stef and Denton discuss the oeuvre of the Stanley Parable team, why everyone is going to take our video games away if we don't lash out boo-hoo, and the problems with dying at 4AM in the world of Ghost Trick.

Errant Signal (Chris Franklin) does an absolutely amazing critique of The Beginner's Guide
Yoko Taro is literally the best person ever, please give him your money
OP: Detective Jowd ~ A Captive of Fate~ by Masakazu Sugimori (from Ghost Trick)
Intermission: Bird That Carries You Over a Disproportionately Small Gap by Toby Fox (from Undertale)
ED: Obstacles by Syd Matters (from the Life is Strange OST)

Jan 19, 2016

Episode 1?! Oh, Season 2 - The Re-Beginner’s Guide

After a series of tumultuous life changes for our young heroes, they're back for a whole new season of tears, laughs, and taking video games way too seriously. Here's to another year of doing this podcast, because that's just what we want to do.

Denton's GOTY 2015:
Stef's GOTY 2015:
Life is Strange
Undertale by Toby Fox from Undertale
Spooktune by Toby Fox from Undertale
The Hunter by Ryan Amon from Bloodborne

Jun 14, 2015

Episode 9 - A Steaming Pile of Bad Ideas

A fog as thick as pea soup hangs over the cemetery. A crow caws menacingly at some distance from the graves. Suddenly, a flash of light, a thunderous crash, and now, a half-decayed hand pokes up from the soil. It's alive!

This Cast Are Sick is back, and before we lay into E3 announcements next episode, we thought it would be nice to take on the Herculean task of covering months of radio silence.
Go to 15:13 to skip Life is Strange spoilers!
The Green Run by Shane Mesa from Mother 4 
Spirit by Disasterpeace from Fez 
Chrono Trigger by Yasunori Mitsuda from Chrono Trigger 


Feb 18, 2015

Episode 8 - Uwe’s Oeuvre

Hey, did you hear that Persona 5 is coming out? And there's a new trailer? And baby baby baby baby ooh yeah duh duh da-duh duh duh da-duh?

OP: Pursuing My True Self by Shoji Meguro from Persona 4

Intermission: Burn My Dread - Spring of Birth ver.- by Shoji Meguro from Persona 3
ED:Persona 5 Theme by Shoji Meguro from Persona 5
Games in this episode:
And for the curious, Uwe Boll's Blubberella. I'm not linking to the trailer because I actually had to turn it off in the middle it was so, so awful.

Jan 28, 2015

Episode 7 - Too Late to Make a Best of 2014 List

But it's not too late to love you, gentle listeners.

It's been a while, but what do we do when we fall off the horse, Mr. Wayne? That's right; we clamber back onto the boat. What better way to herald our triumphant return in this, the year of the sheep, than to extoll the virtues of 2014, a year which was totally garbage by most accounts.
OP- Lovely Mountain by Calum Bowen (From Lovely Planet)
Intermission - Kamek's Theme by Koji Kondo (From Yoshi's Island)
ED - Too Late to Love You by Ben Babbitt (From Kentucky Route Zero)
Best of 2014 Lists:
Stef - 
Denton - 
Other games in this episode:

Dec 15, 2014

Episode 6 - The Lost Supper

Just in time for the holidays! Our Thanksgiving episode!

...what do you mean Thanksgiving already happened three weeks ago?
Well, this is embarrassing. Looks like I really blew it this time. Seems I screwed the pooch. Gather I overshot my mark, eh?
Here, let me make it up to you. Have this lost Thanksgiving episode now, free of charge, and I PROMISE to come through with an honest-to-goodness episode later this week. Deal?
Games in this episode:
Intermission - Duck Hunt
ED - "Que Sera Sera" by Charles Kosei from the Katamari Damacy OST

Nov 12, 2014

Episode 5 - For Real

What's that you say? "Horrendously late again," you say? "Recorded over a week and a half ago," you say? Well aren't you just a Prompt Peter. Nobody likes a Prompt Peter. That is, except a Show-Up-To-The-Party-Unfashionably-Early Margret. A person of your standing should be careful who you keep in your company.

In this episode, things get real. Like, REALLY real. Smell-o-vision real, even. Stef and Denton talk about the role of realism in games and what that should mean. 
Games in this episode:
Twister - Kingdom Mix - from Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
You are mine from El Shaddai (Amaros' Theme) 
Valley of the Blinding Mist (Credits Vocal Mix) from The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

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