Episode 6 - Stinky Cake


This Cast Are Sick is back with another episode and 100% less bookgame club! Denton, a victim of a series of accidents (as are we all), was unable to purchase his copy of Read Only Memories, so we have postponed this episode's gamek club in favor of talking about... what we always talk about. Is Overwatch overdone? Did Nightcry's impressive Kickstarter produce anything of value? Will people ever stop caring about video game review scores? These questions and more! Answered! Kind of. On Episode 6!

(The bgoom club will be back in Episode 7 for a dual episode: Read Only Memories and Anatomy!)


Stef visits the Videogame History Museum!
Disney Infinity goes bye-bye
Nobody likes Poplio

OP: "Theme of D4" by MANYO from D4
Intermission: "Introduction" by MANYO from D4
ED: "You'll Never Be Alone No Matter Where You Go" by Kaori Asoh (composed by Michiko Naruke)