Episode 12 - Best of the Year of the Unholy Trash Fire


It's finally over! Let's reflect on one of the few things that provided solace in a year of hard, hard, sledgehammer-to-the-head-like knocks.

Games in this episode:

Final Fantasy XV

Gravity Rush (Gravity Daze if you craze-y)

The Deadly Tower of Monsters

The Last Guardian


Stef's Best of 2016:

Persona 5

Pokemon Sun/Moon



Quadrilateral Cowboy


Denton's Best of 2016:

5. Anatomy (The Last Guardian, if I had played it sooner!)

4. Dark Souls III

3. Kentucky Route Zero Act IV

2. Quadrilateral Cowboy

1. Persona 5


Next time: Firewatch!



OP: "Tsukiru" from Drakengard (Drag-on Dragoon) (by Takayuki Aihara
Nobuyoshi Sano)

Intermission: "Jiggy Fanfare" from Banjo-Kazooie (by Grand Kirkthorpe)

ED: "Hoshi to Bokura to" from Persona 5 (by Shoji Meguro feat. Lyn)